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Welcome to Core Concepts: Periodic Table

Core Concepts: Periodic Table makes complex scientific concepts easy to understand and highly engaging. Its intuitive, interactive interface encourages hands-on exploration to develop a deep understanding of the 118 elements that make up our world. This resource supports STEM learning and the Next Generation Science Standards and immerses learners in the building blocks of each element, their discoveries and uses throughout history, and much more.


Librarians and educators are saying...

“Very student-friendly ... CCPT turns chemistry, which can be inaccessible for the novice, into something interesting and interactive ... an ideal database for young researchers.”
American Library Association’s eContent Quarterly

“Comprehensive and interactive ... offers easy access to articles replete with images, diagrams, and tables. The involving and attractive home page offers multiple entry points and allows for a range of student experience ... Navigation is easy. An excellent tool for secondary students ... recommended as a sound instructional choice for middle- and high-school chemistry programs.”

“A one stop shop for properties, uses and history of the periodic table of elements.”
National Science Teachers Association

Online resource features:

  • Correlated to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core standards as well as national, state, and provincial science standards
  • Articles enhanced with unique student-created video from the world-renowned Chemical Heritage Foundation
  • Professional footage, extensive images, diagrams, and data tables provide an understanding of the elements, from the atomic level to the cosmic
  • Interactive “Element Builder” activities reinforce skills and core ideas, allowing students to explore atomic theory and master the science behind the periodic table
  • Interactive tools courtesy of the Open University help students explore the role of elements in the human body, the environment, and the universe
  • Content creation activities encourage students to apply knowledge
  • Instant translation offers articles in 80 languages
  • Text-to-speech and text highlighting to support challenged readers and ELLs
  • Social bookmarking allows users to share content
  • Digital flashcards and printable reference guides strengthen learning
  • Lesson plans and instructional materials provide roadmaps for exploring the science behind the elements
  • Content suited for independent exploration and study as well as whole-class instruction
  • iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android compatibility